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All Star Computers uses a unique approach when working with our clients while solving their computer problems. Our mission is not just to solve computer problems, but to educate our clients while doing so. We feel that it is more valuable to our clients if we can train them how to be better computer users then to just be like the other guys who fix computer problems and keep their trade secrets to themselves. Also part of our philosophy is to keep it simple for those that want it simple. Every computer user has different needs so there is not one strategy that works for every client. For those not so “Tech Savvy” we have learned to explain things on a simple level using lots of analogies and communicating in a way that people can understand. For those who are more “Computer Literate” we help them become even better computer users and help them to better understand the workings of a computer.

All Star Computers was founded in 2003 by Benjamin Star. Mr. Star has been working with computers since the early 90’s and is continually educating himself on current trends and modern technology. Mr. Star received a college degree from San Diego State University where he majored in Graphic Design and received a minor in Psychology. After receiving his undergrad, Mr. Star attended graduate school at National University where he received a California Teaching Credential along with a Masters Degree in Education. Following college Mr. Star moved to Orange County where he started his first real career as a Jr. High School Computer Technology Teacher. During these years as an educator is where his philosophy developed for All Star Computers. The challenges of running a complex computer lab strengthened his understanding of computers and developing new strategies for teaching students is how the All Star philosophy arrived. Today everyone who works with us understands the importance of this philosophy and employs the All Star Techniques when working with their clients.

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